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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 9, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we won't forget, rest in peace. after massacre in 2007, students here are coming to grips with another deadly shooting on their campus. >> back in your mind it's like please god, no. not again. and it kept escalating and we truly are lucky that it only turned into what it was. >> this could have been us. this was a terrible, terrible accident and senseless violence. he protected us. and no one is going to forget that. >> hear what virginia state police now say happened. veteran patrol officer crouse made a stop at noon on thursday. suddenly, a man with a gun opened fire, shot and killed the officer and took off running. >> he ran to the greenhouses where he apparently changed clothes. taking off a pullover top and a wool cap. >> investigators say they found his id also in that
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backpack. then about half a mile away in a parking lot known as the cage. police found the suspected gunman dead. apparently of a self-inflicted wound. ballistics tests show the weapon near him was used in both shootings. this campus is left to mourn as students wait for some kind of answer as to why. >> everybody knows what happens and everybody knows that, you know, we have to be strong. >> now there are grief counselors on hand and officers from surrounding agents are here to support the virginia tech police. this hit them very, very hard. >> we heard about it in the press conference yesterday about a potential connection to a carjacking reported in radford. do you know anything about that? >> virginia state police tell us they are investigating whether or not there is a connection. here's what we know about that. apparently wednesday morning, a young man walked into a real estate office in radford with a gun and stole a mercedes suv.
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the reason they thought there may have been a connection. he was a young college age male. they are trying to see if there is a connection there. >> so many answers still to be found out, sought out that is for sure. our coverage continues on posted links of all of our stories. you'll find everything on the home page. >> another traffic stop led to the shooting of a trooper. trooper michael hamer is recovering after being shot in the leg. the suspect, herbert wheeler jr. is dead. a special agent tried to stop wheeler for wreckless driving. later police say wheeler tried to carjack a stopped tractor trailer, but was unsuccessful. trooper hamer responded to the scene and arrested wheeler. they began fighting inside the trooper's car. the gun went off hitting hamer. a man and two women stopped by helped hamer into an ambulance
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when it arrived. a developing story in baltimore. 22-year-old morgan state student found shot to death in his apartment. brandon hudson was living in the charles village section of baltimore. police say one of hudson's friends went to check on him after not being able to get ahold of hem and found him dead in his apartment. >> it was preliminary in the investigation. there was no forced entry. so right now, we believe that the attacker may be known to the victim. but again, we're still in the very early stages of the investigation and asking anyone to please come forward. >> shooting is the latest in a series of violent attacks in charles village. former council member, leslie johnson will spend time in a federal penitentiary, but not much. a judge sentenced johnson to a year and a day in prison. john hanrahan was in the courtroom and joins us now with more. john. >> leslie johnson and jack johnson were the ultimate power couple.
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he was the county executor for eight years. and as his term expired, leslie johnson was elected to the county council. both ultimately pleaded guilty in connection with a federal corruption case. leslie johnson asked for probation rather than prison. during the fbi raid in november of 2010 when leslie johnson stuffed nearly $80,000 in her underwear, she was a panicked wife merely trying to protect her husband. in front of the judge today, leslie johnson said quote, i did not know anything about the criminal conduct that my husband engaged in. johnson's attorney referred to the huge pile of cash in the basement as household emergency money. johnson asked for probation. a prosecutor called that explanation crazy. raising the issue of the huge pile of cash while fbi agents were banging at their front
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door. the judge agreed with the prosecution handing leslie johnson a 12 month prison sentence. a $15,000 fine and a forfeitture of the money. many of them think the embarrassment of the whole case is sufficient punishment and prison time was unnecessary. >> they have lost so much. i know her from the things she did in the community. and that's punishment enough. you know what i'm saying? >> even though u.s. district judge gave leslie johnson a year and a day in prison, she will probably be eligible for release after about ten months behind bars. jack johnson will serve seven years. laura. john hanrahan, thank you. forme prince georges county joins us. ivy was serving as states attorney when jack and leslie johnson were arrested last year. thanks for being with us. what's your reaction to today's
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sentencing? >> well, i think the community sort of glad it's over, ready to move forward. i know the county executive and the county council have done this for benefits. unfortunately took place and you know, i think everybody is ready to get started with that. >> talking about the pay to play era. john hanrahan talked about how there were two dozen supporters in court today. we talked to a will lot of people in the streets and feel sorry for them. of course there are a lot of critics, too. is there a sense of tolerance that there's a level of tolerance in prince georges county for this kind of corruption? that people are saying it's okay? >> i don't think so. i think people -- certainly by the point she resigned, the community was ready for her to go and on the other hand, i think we're a community where there's forgiveness and reconciliation. there are a lot of people in prince georges county and
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everywhere else for that matter who need second chances and i think when the time comes for them, they'll have theirs when they come back. >> and given all they have done for the community. in the minds of the supporters. >> yeah, they have done positive things. at the same time, there's a time to come to justice for both of them and i think that's it. >> i have to ask you about the question over how much leslie johnson knew. we heard in john hanrahan's piece saying that she claimed she thought this $80,000 was emergency money for the household. her attorney said she didn't know that her husband was involved in any kind of corruption. was that a risky strategy when now we've heard this phone call, the reported phone call that she knew about the $80,000? >> yeah. i mean, the tape kind of speaks for itself and you have a lot of surrounding circumstances. that was in fact not the case, that she did have knowledge
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about what mr. johnson had been doing, at least with respect to the cash in the house at the time the fbi invested the raid. i think the sentence probably was based more on the assumption or the view by the judge that she knew as opposed to not knowing. >> and let me get your reaction also to jack johnson's sentence. you know the johnsons very well. seven years, three months. >> yeah. the interesting point out of that was, he was facing 11 to 14 and he got the reduction based on two things. acceptance of responsibility, but most significantly, on going cooperation with the u.s. attorney and federal investigators. so that might mean there are issues that will drop out there soon. >> okay. former state's attorney glenn ivy. thanks for being with us. a former assistant principal learns his fate after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. plus, did penn state make the right call on firing joe paterno?
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and big time boxing returns to d.c. former champ stops by fox 5 ahead of tomorrow's championship bout. gary. chilly today. but lots of sunshine. will that continue through this weekend? a few clouds out there this evening. it's all dry. first look at your forecast this evening and beyond coming up in a couple of minutes. fox 5 news at 5:00 will continue. stay with us. 
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a five year prison sentence for a fauquier county elementary school assistant preschool. joshua meyer accepted a job as principal when he was arrested last june. fox 5's paul wagner has details. >> joshua myers was a bright shining star in the fauquier county school system when the fbi descended on his warrenton home last june. only 29 years old, myers shot through the system and just been awarded a principal's job. when he admitted to investigators having child pornography on his school issued laptop computer. joshua myers could barely speak when the judge asked him if he had anything to say. with his voice choked with emotion, myers said, words cannot undue the pain i caused my family and the fauquier county community. i am truly sorry. my life is now mere ashes. after receiving his sentence, myers left the federal co
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his parents and supporters. >> josh, do you have anything you want to say to the fauquier county community? do you have anything you want to say like you said inside? >> myers kept his head down and walked into a nearby hotel. when joshua myers was first arrested, the fbi released an online chat with an under cover officer. he later told investigators it was just brevado. he passed a polygraph test. he was questioned. he said there was no deception. government prosecutors said his school issued laptop revealed 50 videos of child pornography. being sexually abused. in a statement, u.s. attorney said, agents found online chats he had with more than 40 individuals involving child
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pornography, sex with children, and grooming children to be sexually abused. this case is a sobering reminder that a sexual predator is often someone familiar and we are committed to doing everything in our power to remove these predators from our communities. myers was not taken into custody at sentencing. instead, he was told by the judge to report to prison when there is space available. a spokesperson for the federal bureau of prison says the system is not over crowded and they don't know why the judge told myers to wait before turning himself in. based on what prosecutors were asking, joshua myers got off easy. hitting only the mandatory minimum sentence of five years. in its sentencing memorandum, prosecutors were arguing between 12 and 15 years in prison. when he gets out, myers will be on probation and have to register as a sex offender. >> and doesn't have to report immediately, because there's no room in jail. >> that was the surprise here,
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laura. as you recall earlier in the week, jack johnson was told to report february 3. they said space available. very unusual when something someone is sentenced in the federal system, usually they are taken away or if it's a white collar crime, they are given time to put their issues in order and then report at a later day. in a crime like this, that's unusual. they have the space. they don't know why the judge did that. >> unbelievable. paul wagner, thank you. a news alert now tonight on a sexual assault in alexandria. a police officer reported that a woman grabbed a woman, man rather grabbed a woman and touched her. the woman was walking home from work on little street near the intersection with east maple avenue. she screamed. the man took off running. police don't know if this is related to a similar attack to a female jogger last month. if you have any information, give police a call. in the aftermath of a sex
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abuse scandal at penn state, a new poll shows half of pennsylvania residents agree that joe paterno should have been fired. he and the university president were both fired when a former assistant coach was arrested and charged with molesting boys. in a poll, about 52% of people supported firing paterno. 74% agree with the firing of the university president. nice dry stretch at least, take a look outside and the sun is setting, we are almost getting to the winter solstice. >> chill is in the air, gary. >> both of you hit it right there. brian talks about it being dry and you talk about it being chilly. the next several days, this is going to be a chilly pattern and it's going to be dry. so no worries about any big storms coming our way one way or the other. temperatures out there today have been up into the upper
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40s, lower 50s for some. manassas, there is no way it's 63 degrees. a little blur in the data there. if it is 63 degrees, we'll enjoy it. 39 degrees for winchester right now. quantico is 50. chilly this evening as temperatures start to drop. we have a few clouds out there. they'll keep a little bit of the lid on the temperature for the next several hours. here in the city we drop down to 40 degrees by 11:00. we have been colder. overnight tonight, we are back down into the 20s out in the suburbs. weekend is shaping up to be real nice. sunny, that is. it's going to be a bit on the cold side. we'll show you numbers coming up. complete weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> championship boxing is back in the district. tomorrow night the city will host a title bout between champion. the two fighters attended a weigh n. cann has a well known
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fighter in his corner. term promoter, oscar de la hoya. dave ross sat down with the former champ on fox 5 morning news today. >> you won ten world titles in six different divisions and now you're a promoter. what is that like? >> you know, it's a big difference, obviously. but it is actually a blessing because for a lot of fighters to have an exfighter be a promoter and understand what they go through, understand that the game is difficult. understand that we have to work hard and et sweat and the tears and the dedication. the discipline that goes behind getting inside the ring and working hard. you know, fighters respect that and it makes it much more easier for me to sign fighters and undergo the promotions we have been able to establish
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quite a business over the years. but the most important part about it is that we have the respect of the fighters because i've been through it. and they are going through it. so it's been kind of like okay. let's go out there and work for the fighters and i guess just do the right thing. >> you have come up. when you come up as an olympic gold medalist. do you ever look back and go wow, i can't believe i have done all that in twenty years and now you are continuing the game and scratching that as a promoter. >> people have asked me what is your biggest accomplishment in the game today? it boils down to the olympic gold medal. when i was up in the mode yum listening to the national anthem, receiving that gold medal, there's nothing like it. >> let's talk about being a promoter now in this fight in particular, having a mere con
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taking on peterson, who is a d.c. guy. was this a no brainer for you? >> well, it was when amir told us, i want to go to his backyard and fight lamont peterson in d.c. and obviously for a promoter, that was a dream come true because it made it much easier for us to promote the event and we will be having a sellout in the convention center. this is a hot ticket in town. we will be bringing big time boxing back to d.c. it's really exciting because not only can we bring the hbo's of this world, but come back and hopefully bring a big time hbo, pay per view even. we can bring the big names. we are talking about the mayweathers. you know, we have other options other than las vegas and that's one thing that i admire about
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amir cann and peterson. they want to bring the big events to the people, to the fans, instead of taking it to las vegas where we are charging $1,000 for a ring side ticket. we can come over here and you can watch it for relatively a good price. >> watch our full interview on our website on you'll find it under the mornings tab. it's a story that made headlines on black friday. a woman pepper sprays a crowd at a california wal-mart. find out why some of those victims are irate tonight. plus, the sheriff's department is fire bombed and it's all caught on camera. >> and dramatic rescues plays out as a hospital goes up in flames. we'll have the video. back in a moment. 
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california woman who pepper sprayed shoppers on black friday will not face charges. witnesses say she sprayed other
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shoppers when they distributed video game systems. one woman that was sprayed is angry about the decision not to charge her. >> i'm angry. it's not right. >> it was intense. there had to have been with her walking in there, knowing what the crowd was going to be like. >> prosecutors are deciding whether she should face misdemeanor charges. a fire bombing caught on camera in california. this is in santa barbara county. if you look across the street from the sheriff's station, you can see the glow from the flame. a person walk over to the station. no one was hurt, but the patrol car and building are damaged. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for information. dramatic rescues at a hospital engulfed in flames. doctors and nurses left patients to fend for themselves as fire quickly devoured the seven story building.
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patients climbed down the sheets, anything they could do to escape the inferno and the suffocating smoke. witnesses say it took more than an hour for firefighters to arrive after that blaze started. 89 people died. the shooting at virginia tech is arguing the debate whether guns should be allowed on college campuses. plus, find out why the only living marine to receive the medal of honor is in an ugly lawsuit with the defense contractor. hello. this is elisia jackson calling from germany. to my mom and cousins living in the washington, d.c. area, happy holidays and know that i would much rather be there than here, but know that i love you. six months and counting. i'll see you soon. [ female announcer ] at,
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. we are learning new details about that deadly shooting yesterday at virginia tech. a campus police officer was killed while sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot. police say the suspect then ran to a nearby greenhouse where he changed clothes and a short time later, the suspect was then found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. the shooting is reigniting the discussion on whether guns should be allowed on college campuses. >> the university's position about weapons on campus is quite clear. as is the position from most, if not all law enforcement agencies including the virginia association of campus law enforcement. and that is guns don't belong
5:31 pm
in our classrooms. we believe there's no connection in terms of the thinking of those that would like to see guns in our classrooms in this tragedy yesterday. >> omar joins a closer look at the issue of guns on campus. his sister was killed in the 2007 virginia tech tragedy and he is part of the coalition to stop gun violence. thanks for being with us today. first of all, where were you when you heard about yesterday's shooting and what was your reaction? >> i was actually at james madison university for an event there, handing out fliers and speaking to students about keeping campus gun free. >> that must have brought up bad memories for you and your family. >> it brought out a lot of bad memories. he showed me them and i was amazed about how fast he got them compared to even else. and i was pleased to see that
5:32 pm
the virginia tech community was being alerted about the shooting. it did bring me back to the day of april 16 and my heart goes out to the family affected, the families affected in the entire virginia tech family. >> of course. so let's get to the issue at hand here. you say a college campus is no place for a gun, but there is a movement underway to change the law in virginia that bars students and campus employees from carrying concealed weapons on to school grounds. playing devil's advocate here, if a student and employee is trained, why not be allowed to carry them? >> well right now in virginia, to get your concealed carry permit, there's no training requirement at all. you can just take a 20 question quiz after watching a one hour video to get your permit and i actually got to see this firsthand. i got to watch a virginia tech survivor get her permit and i video taped the whole thing. she put it on youtube to show
5:33 pm
how easy it is. you have no proficiency test. that's slightly irresponsible and dangerous in a classroom setting. >> some that argue that the massacre in 2007 wouldn't have happened if students were armed. what is your response to that? >> well, carrying guns in classrooms is a reactive measure. you are still going to have to take out the shooter. we advocate to prevent the tragedy from occurring. we can come up with hyperthreat calls all day long. virginia tech was a preventable tragedy. the gunman passed two background checks. what if we had a fixed background check? we can come up with what ifs all day. we advocate for is preventing the situation from even occurring. >> omar, thank you very much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> new court filings are surfacing in the slander suit involving medal of honor recipient, dakota meyer. making ugly accusations against the american hero.
5:34 pm
rick has the latest. >> i have spoken to dakota meyer, he is keeping his comments off the record for now, saying he won't engage in a war of words and holding himself to a higher standard. as we found in these court documents, his former supervisor is not holding back. three months ago, meyer was in the white house receiving the nation's highest honor after braving enemy fire to save three dozen lives in afghanistan in 2009. but the 23-year-old former marine says his patriotism cost him a job. earlier this year, meyer began working for defense contractor, bae systems and says he found out the company was planning to sell sophisticated rifle scopes to pakistan. he says u.s. service members are being issued outdated equipment while the pakistanis would get the best gear. bae denies this, saying they were lower grade sites, but meyer gave his notice and applied for a new job. then meyer says his former
5:35 pm
supervisor trashed him to his prospective employer, saying he was not performing tasks assigned. meyer slewed them for slander. that supervisor has filed a response, calling myers defamation claims groundless. saying he was a mentor, revealing myers suffered a traumatic brain injury, accusing meyer of being distracted by his newfound fame. saying mr. meyer was not committed to his job, more focused on his pending star status, with his book deals and other commercial endeavors. myers attorney says that's false and inconsistent with who dakota meyer is. bae says it was not a party to this filing, calling it a marine on marine personality conflict and hopes to settle this suit. in new york, rick leva nthal. her long lost dog is found
5:36 pm
across the country. we'll take you to today's happy reunion. and the cure for a crying baby could be found in your medicine cabinet. we'll explain in tonight's viral video. 
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happy reunion today for a spotsylvania county couple and their dog that ran away eight years ago. petunia had quite a journey. she was found in california. traced back to the pruitt family through a microchip. they reunited with their dog. >> you remember us? >> hi sweety. >> she is wagging her tail. hey baby girl.
5:40 pm
she's on california time right now. the woman who found her says pee says petunia ran up to her hungry and thirsty, but in good shape. [ baby crying ] seems to work. forget the bottles and pacefiers. the video of the baby went viral after it was recently posted. important to point out doctors warn you should never insert cotton swabs into your ears. certainly worked for that child. and in survival mode, whatever works. >> still scared from the crying days. i am not out of the crying days yet. speaking of crying, take a look
5:41 pm
at this. quite the made for tv drama. that x factor contestant broke out on stage. tonight, talks about being eliminated from the show. in sports, i'll tell you why there is hope for the redskins despite their underdog status. could we say home city advantage? >> we'll see you soon. and gary will be back with your chilly weekend forecast. you don't want to miss it. stay with us.   it all comes down to the team you trust. the fox 5 weather team. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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the redskins have four games left on their schedule this season and sunday's matchup will be one of the toughest to date. but as lindsey murphy explains, it's not easy for patriots in our nation's capital. >> the patriots are better than the redskins. but the skins do have an advantage, location. washington, d.c. is the only nfl city new england has never
5:45 pm
won a game in and that's great news considering the redskins are on a four-game skid. so maybe sunday is the day to get back on track. the redskins have lost too many games at this point. they can't have a winning season. however, they can finish at 500 for the year if they win their final four games. this week, they have the patriots followed by the vikings and the eagles. skins haven't had a winning season since 2007 under joe gibbs, but they also haven't lost that fighting spirit. >> how many guys wake up on sundays and love their jobs? i look at it from that standpoint. it's part of the business. winning and losing is the business. i'm having fun doing what i'm doing. i hate losing, but i'm having on sundays and that's what is important. >> whatever happened earlier this year, we didn't get done. all we can do is what we can do with these games and make the best out of it. whether it's all wins or not, you want to give yourself a chance to be able to turn this
5:46 pm
thing around the best way you can. >> so the skins can't finish over .500, but with their win last week, the patriots guaranteed themselves a winning record for the 11th straight season. >> we'll see how sunday's game plays out. all right lindsey, thank you. how is the weather going to be? >> it will be cold. think the patriots can handle the cold? >> i wonder. >> upper 30s to lower 40s for game time. >> okay. >> plenty of sunshine. >> bundle up. >> layers. >> maybe tom brady. hold hands or something? >> throw a couple pick 6's. we could always hope. we have video, don't we? there we are. >> it looks like snow. >> it does look like it. >> controversy whether there would be a snow shot. >> it does look like an ice burg there. it's great falls video. it rained a lot and that turned
5:47 pm
up the potomac and always gorgeous out there. especially when the water is really raging down through there. we have shots, this afternoon or this morning, sky fox was up. so really, really pretty there. thanks for that. temperatures out there right now. still on the cool side, but we at least managed into the lower 50s for just about everybody. manassas, forget about that. bad data coming in. 45 degrees for gaithersburg. over the bay, there's stevensville. middle to upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. chilly at 7:00. of course the setting sun will do that. 44 degrees. it's not getting outrageously cold. it will stay around 39 to 40. already well out into the 30s for the suburbs. it gets colder there than we do in the city. in terms of the weekend, it looks great. a few clouds tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. high pressure dominates.
5:48 pm
real cold air coming down out of canada. we have a cold front coming through tonight, which will make us colder for tomorrow. and there's a little push of colder air coming into tomorrow night and into early sunday. so we are about 45 degrees for a high tomorrow. again, plenty of sunshine. a little bit colder on sunday with a high temperature of only 43 degrees or so. so both of these numbers, if you're keeping track, are colder than where we should be this time of year. we had high clouds spreading in from the south. okay, but the snow that you see, a little bit of rain coming into western pa. moving through cleveland, places like that. that's just some light snow. we'll get a few clouds, but not talking snow here. this is the cold front that sweeps through late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and this reenforcing area of high pressure comes in and notice, it's cold up there. chicago 26. lincoln, nebraska in the teens. so is fargo.
5:49 pm
so eventually, at least a piece of this comes through for the weekend and kind of reenforces that cold air. so again, cooler tomorrow. 45. and then lower 40s or so as we get into sunday. shouldn't be any colder than that. the mornings are going to be chilly. so overnight tonight, we have a few clouds out there. colder for the suburbs. this morning we challenge some teens. a lot of places in the lower 20s. mainly clear skies. the wind was light. i don't think we'll be that cold tonight, but we'll be into the 20s for the suburbs. winds will be out of the north, northwest. it does look like a chilly, but nice overnight tonight. tomorrow again, we start off with a few clouds. more clouds than what we had today. early in the day, chilly at 8:00. 38 degrees. mostly sunny for just about everybody by noon. if we aren't mostly sunmy by
5:50 pm
noon, by 4:00 or 5:00, we'll have lots of sunshine out there and again, tomorrow's temperatures colder than today. we are talking lower 40s to mid 40s across the area. and then a little bit colder as we head on into sunday as well. so if you're out there at fedex field on sunday, it will be one of the colder days we've had this season, if not the coldest day this far. 43 degrees. 46 on monday. 42 on wednesday. and then on wednesday, we climb right up to around o degrees or so. we're kind of in this chilly, but yet dry pattern. we don't see any big storm systems coming this way. we are watching something right before christmas, but at this point it doesn't look like it's going to be white or anything like that. a long away, but keeping you informed. >> thank you. rachel crowe.
5:51 pm
congratulations. we'll see you in the semifinal. >> a dramatic end to the x factor with 13-year-old contestant, rachel crow sobbing. the votes from the judges ended in a tie, which was a copout by kara. i'm calling it as it is. the votes from the public ended up with rachel losing. that's how it goes. marcus cannty of bowie survived being in the bottom two again. after some sleep and comfort from her parents, rachel was smiling again this morning on fox 5 morning news. allison seymour talked to her about last night and what she hopes to do now. >> we are so pleased to be talking to one of the favorites on the x factor. she was eliminated, but we are happy to see you this morning. how are you doing? >> i'm good, how are you? >> i'm good. happy to see that smile. it was a rough night last night. i know it's a lot.
5:52 pm
can you tell us how you were feeling and how you feel today? >> i feel good today, thanks for asking. i actually last night felt like poo. i did not feel good. but i feel better now and i am ready to start working and make music and hopefully on tv and movies. >> you're just a natural for anything that you want to do. i personally would love to see you singing, but i know -- you have the face for acting. what do you hope to do? >> i hope to be a big star, giant star. superstar. >> i have no doubt that you will be. i really don't. i think the entire country knows that and soon the world will know that and it will be all rachel crowe all the time. one of the moments from last night when that moment happened, your mom came up there and how is she doing today? it was nice to see that family bond with your folks last night.
5:53 pm
how is mom doing? >> she's great. she's sad for me, but we'll be okay. we are great. we're a great family and everybody held together so well. >> when you sang that song last night, i think it's an eda james song if i'm not mistaken. where does that come from? little rachel crowe? >> i would rather go blind than to go home is what i tried to make a statement for. and so when i sung that song, i put everything in my heart and soul to that. >> when you did that and you were really even crying in it, i don't mean to make you relive it, but if i close my eyes and i didn't see you crying, you still sounded so perfect and in control. so your talent is, you know, effortless. but i do want to ask you before we go about nicole.
5:54 pm
we all love nicole, too. i think a lot is going to be made of that moment when she didn't decide and it went to the vote, because i just don't think she wanted to vote against anybody. but how are you feeling today as far as nicole goes? >> she's a beautiful person inside and out. i love her and it was not her fault. it was nobody's fault. god has big plans, i hope in store for me and so whatever happens, happens for a reason. that's what i believe. it was not her fault no matter what anybody says. it was not her fault. >> i loved how you were like, marcus, i love you. it's okay. i really believe that we will be seeing you time and time again and you're right, everything happens for a reason. so miss rachel crowe, good luck to you in the future. >> thank you. >> bright future, that's for sure. coming up at 6:00, we're continuing our coverage of the deadly shooting of virginia tech. we'll check back in with our reporter and spent years in a
5:55 pm
classroom. two d.c. principals are turning in for flour and frosting. and stores are tempting ho l day shoppers with discounts for opening credit cards. you may want to see the story before you sign on the dotted line. all that and more coming your way next. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica!
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you won't have to guess about traffic in virginia anymore. the department of transportation is adding electronic signs displaying your travel times. the signs are going up at seven locations from dc to fredericksburg. you'll see the travel times from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. monday through friday and 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the weekends. finding a parking spot in d.c. can be tough, but new york city takes it to a whole new level. and so does this driver. he squeezes his into parking spot there. the car is in -- this is in the
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brooklyn area. you can see here pushing the cars in front of him and behind him trying to get into that spot. the car owners may not be impressed and as you know, a closed circuit tv camera captured the parallel parking expertise. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> leslie johnson is going to jail. fox 5 was in court today for the former prince georges county councilwoman's sentencing on conspiracy charges. we're learning more today about the virginia tech police officer killed on campus. how the community is dealing with another violent loss. just days after her husband was sentenced to jail for accepting bribes, leslie johnson asked for probation at the federal courthouse today. the judge said no, ordering the former prince georges county


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